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WELCOME to Valerie's Papillons. We have been raising Pure Bred Papillons for over 26 years. Our animals come from several different Champion lines and are available in several different color schemes such as Tricolor, Sable and White and Black and White. On some occasions we also have the very rare Chocolate and White and sometimes Lemon and White colors as well.

​The Papillon is the smartest of the toy breeds and number eight overall.  They are agile, loyal, sturdy and fun loving.  They enjoy pleasing you and being with you.  Easily trained yet they love to challenge you and seem to make a game of things.  Good watch dogs, they don't continually yap like most toy breeds but will let you know if they sense something unusual. They will then quiet right down once they realize you are also aware.  It seems at times they would talk to you if they only had the right equipment.  Great Dane spirit in a toy body, they seem to have no fears.  An almost unknown breed for a long time they are rapidly becoming very popular and are often seen in TV advertisements today.

Papillons have a sense of smell said to be 1,000 times that of a human being and can tell when a person's body chemistry changes such as a diabetic approaching ketosis or acidosis. They can often tell when someone with epilepsy is about to have a seizure and warn them to lie down before they fall and get hurt. In one case reported recently in our local newspaper, an autistic boy who was subject to temper tantrums would be instantly calmed down by his Papillon which would lean against him as soon as the dog sensed his emotional state. Even migraine sufferers have found that their Papillon can let them know before the onset of a headache so they can take their medication and possibly stave off the attack.

Grooming a Papillon is perhaps the easiest task of all. We have had them play in a muddy yard and then want to come in the house. We tell them "No, go clean off and then you can come in." They have immediately left the door and in half an hour or so come back clean and dry having dried themselves in the sun and then shaken off the dirt. A monthly bath or two and a good brushing afterwards is all it usually takes to minimize shedding of fur. They are truly "easy care, wash and wear" pets.

Loyal, fun loving and gentle they are ideal pets and long lived companions often living 17 years or more. We have known of two that have lived passed twenty years.

We no longer ship dogs out of state thanks to the new FDA law but we can meet with you if you are not too far away to show the dog and allow you to make your decision. People not in Arizona have sometimes flown into Sky Harbour Air Port and I could meet you there to show you the dog.

All our dogs are worked with on a daily basis making them very friendly and personable. Many are also taught to be comfortable in busy and noisy situations such as shopping malls, churches, theaters and restaurants. They are given preliminary training to prepare them for specific regimens needed to be service dogs. They are even exposed to the electric shopping carts in grocery stores.

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WE normally only breed a female once per year and therefore have no more than three females in breeding at any time. Therefore we cannot predict how may puppies or what colors they will be. 

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Although the Papillon can come in a wide variety of sizes ranging from about three pounds to as much as near twenty pounds as specially bred by some breeders for physical strength and size. We have kept our animals more in the range of three to ten pounds. We have also specialized in the medium length, more easily maintained coat.